Saturday, 9 January 2010

Saturday Morning Link Love.

I usually don't do posts like this, but I've been quite inspired by Gala Darling's TILTs lately, so I thought I'd make one of my own (only on Saturday, in this case). I'm on break from uni, so I've probably been spending too much time on the internet lately.

Can't get enough of this song by Frightened Rabbit, and this unofficial video is the most darling thing I've seen all week:

Other sites/posts I've been enjoying on the web lately:
  • Luxirare made some incredible (and edible!) crayons
  • I really want to do my hair in a side braid like the models in the spring Alexander Wang ad campaign
  • J. Morgan Puett's work is so rustic and lovely
  • Gorgeous installation by Jacabo Hashimoto
  • My friend Jen is the sweetest and writes some pretty witty musings on life and how terrible pepperoni is
  • Who doesn't love this scene from 500 Days of Summer?
  • Oscar Wilde writes about how art is useless. Can't say I agree, but I love his handwriting!
  • This spring I want to carry around a basket like Jane Birkin
  • Tennessee Thomas is quickly becoming my new favorite it girl
  • The author of Forest Bound makes stunning totes and finds the most beautiful things on the web
  • Yookoo makes the most incredible scarves
What about you? What are some beautiful, funny, or inspiring things you've seen or read about this week?

Have a wonderful weekend my loves!

(photo via little birds)


  1. juuuust found your blog
    diggin it babe,
    much love.


  2. Luxiraire's crayons are crazy!!


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