Friday, 8 January 2010

Julie Rode

I love Hans Zeuthen's editorial for Soko Zine. I think the styling is so perfect and the model, Julie Rode, is absolutely gorgeous. Soko Zine is a wonderful zine from Argentina featuring art, fashion and culture. I love the layout - the design is definitely going in my inspiration folder! Here's a screencap via Artist of Mimicry on Flickr.

(via Fashion Gone Rogue)


  1. oh, these are so beautiful and inspiring, i especially love the first one, the tones are just so delicate ♥

  2. oh i am sjust so happy to have found your blog now! beautiful pictures, i will be back often <3

  3. wow these pictures are fantastic! =)

  4. The first and third shots are my faves. Absolutely stunning photos!


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