Sunday, 2 February 2014

Celebrating the New Brooks Transcend

I am so excited to try the new Brooks Transcends! I just ordered a pair today, since I'm due for new running shoes. This is my first time ordering running shoes online, but I've purchased from my neighborhood running store enough times to know that Brooks will always be the right shoe for me. If you aren't sure what shoes is right for your training regimen, definitely get fitted at your local running store.

The Transcends are supposed to provide the ultimate comfort in running shoes while giving you enough support to go for miles (check out the Runner's World review here). I used to get injured all of the time while training for distance races, but since I made the switch to a decent pair of running shoes (I've tried both Brooks and Mizunas and I love them) I've been injury free. Stretching more often also helps, but a good pair of shoes certainly has made a world of difference. To celebrate the launch of the new shoe, I've thrown together a running outfit inspired by the Transcends. When it comes to running, I love bright colors, so I was really excited to see that the Transcends come in a flaming hot pink in addition to a more traditional blue/white colorway.

Have you tried the Transcends? How do you like them? I'm really excited to hear about your experience with these shoes!

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