Saturday, 20 November 2010

Ten Things I Like

I was recently tagged by Min of the beautiful blog, Bonjour Bohemian for the Happy 101 award. Thank you so much Min!

The rules for the Happy 101 award are to post 10 things you like and to give this award to 10 blogger friends. I really loved Min's and Miki's idea to use pictures, so I did the same thing!

Here are my 10 things:

1. Jane Birkin, Serge Gainsbourg, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lou Doillion, and Kate Barry.
Easily the coolest family on the planet.

(via google images)

2. Annie Hall
Never fails to cheer me up. Diane Keaton is breathtakingly gorgeous and ridiculously funny. She's my queen o' queens.

(via google images)

Beachy garage-style bands like Tennis.
Right now there's nothing more uplifting than this jam:

4. Streetstyle
Never fails to inspire.

5. Françoise Hardy and her beautiful music
Nothing is better than putting on a Hardy record.

(via google images)

6. Sofia Coppola films
I don't know how she manages to make absolutely everything look so beautiful, but I guess that's her secret to keep.

7. Sixties Fashion
I think the women of the 1960s were so stunning, and they've all aged like fine wine -- especially Birkin and Hardy.

(image via lavariable)

8. Coffee

(image via simply photo)

9. Camping
I haven't been in the longest time, but I am dying to go.

(image via kivafree)

10. Perfume Bottles
I don't wear perfume very often, but I love looking at it.

(image via dress, design, decor)

I am sending this award to the following blogs:
Curious Constellation
Flights of Fancy
April, Maybe
The Onomatopoeia Pizzeria
The Hyphen Tantrum
If You Never Did, You Should
Darjeeling Dreams

Vagabond Language

Definitely hop on over to these blogs. They are all absolutely wonderful!


  1. Oh wow, wow, wow! Thank you so much for the award (:

  2. thank you so much for participating and making such a great list :) Love your blog a lot!

    - let's go camping, really. Min

  3. woah, i was just on my google reader, catching up, browsing through your recent blogs posts and i see this. i'm totally flattered and it gives me an idea for a new blog post.

    number 1. best family ever.

  4. oh, that tent is just beautiful!!!!!


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