Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Miu Miu, Mew Mew.

What I wouldn't give for a piece of Miu Miu's spring collection...especially the cat print heels. I know this collection has pretty much dominated the internet for the past several months, but I saw pictures of the cat heels on Julia and my love sprouted all over again.

Photos 1 & 2 via Kris Atomic. Photos 3 & 4 via Julia.


  1. Wow, those are great! I'm not very fashion inclined, so I always learn about things late. For instance, I knew nothing about those heels. Glad you shared them!

  2. Like the shoes. Maybe becouse i love cats!

  3. Awee thank you for your lovely comment :)
    I just looove these shoes!!

    Take a peek! Our first blog.

    best regards from Sweden :)

  4. Where did you find these?
    Love it. A big fan of cats, thus this has got to be myf avourite post ... .ever. I would also love to get a hand on those shoes. Without a doubt, they are shit expensive! :)

  5. I need those shoes!


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