Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Party Like It's 1950.

I would absolutely love to own this dress by Anthropologie. It reminds me of Betty Draper and her puffy dresses on Mad Men. I'm getting so excited for the Season 4 premiere! Do you guys watch Mad Men? Who are your favorite characters?

This website has a great outline of all of the fashions on the show, and here is a critical analysis of Betty's character.


  1. I DO watch Mad Men. I could watch it just to see the clothes and sets. Not sure who my favorite character is, maybe Peggy and Don?

  2. I don't watch Mad Men but i definitely think I should start soon after all the gorgeous clothes I've seen in the adverts & here!

  3. Such a nice clothes. I will try to watch Mad men too.

  4. I love Mad Men! And really wish I could dress like Betty every day. I actually think Betty is my favorite, because she reminds me of Maggie the Cat from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - utterly selfish and opportunistic. It makes her fascinating to watch.

  5. @April - I definitely agree with you! Betty is so lovely. I have days though when I really love Pegs.

    @Indie.Tea - Yes, the clothes and sets are lovely! ...and according to my parents, also extremely accurate. My parents grew up in the late '50s, and they freak out at the tiniest details on the show. The other day my mom was spazzing about some ashtray that Betty was using. She said that this particular ash tray used to be really trendy and couldn't believe they chose the right props down to the smallest items.

    Anyway you guys...Mad Men! AMC! ...beware, it's totally addicting.

  6. i've been sitting here for hours reading those websites you've posted. c'mon july 25th!! i daren't even check how much that dress is!


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