Friday, 16 April 2010

Summer in the City.

Some inspiration for your Friday. All I can think about is the city and the summertime. Hope you guys have a good weekend!

Also, band crush of the moment:

(Images via ffffound)


  1. love love love those photos!

  2. summer is finally about to come here, too! and i'm so looking forward to the lazy afternoons in the cafés and the park and just enjoying life and sun. first stop today: fleemarket in the sun! love you blog, as always :)

  3. What city? I'm moving to the city (NYC) in a month too. I can't waitttt. I love the picture of the guy in the cafe with the cigarette.

  4. @bonjourbohemian awww, likewise!! :)

    @kristen hopefully nyc! i applied for an internship at a museum near brooklyn, but since it's a paid internship in the city i am not banking on getting it (they probably received a ton of apps). crossing my fingers though!

  5. love that song - thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful!
    It's May now, its meant to be hot and sunny outside but it just started raining, and has been all week.
    I cant wait for summer


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