Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Andy Goldsworthy.

Andy Goldsworthy is probably one of my all time favorite artists. Was so amazed when I learned about him in an art history class a couple of years ago. His work is so temporal and delicate. I found some of his more recent work here and figured I'd share. If you want more, check out my other post here. It has a link to his website and a short video. Hope you are all having a lovely holiday season! I've been swamped with exams, but my break officially began yesterday, so expect more frequent updates and more comments. Thanks for reading!


  1. i have always loved Andy Goldsworthy, i also love when art is out of the studio or gallery and instead in nature, so amazing.

  2. ive always wanted to study art history!! and wow that second image I couldnt figure out how he did it..then realised it was water.
    happy holidays!

  3. Your consistency of posting beautiful images is absolutely astonishing! Voila Andy Goldsworthy...and happy holidays.


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