Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Hanging on the Wall.

I love the way these clothes are arranged. It would probably be difficult for me to keep my closet space this clean, but it makes for such a unique way to display one's wardrobe!
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  1. yeah it's great to be able to see everything out in the open as opposed to hidden in a closet.



  2. True (I would love a closet like this) and true (I could never keep it clean!)

  3. i would never be this neat and minimalistic (i'm just way too much of a pack rat), but these are beautiful and the first photo is amazing! maybe if i owned a clothing store...?

  4. Yeah, my room is way to small to even attempt this but I'd love to arrange my closet like thiss, easier to find things aswell and I reckon less creases, how practical and pretty


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