Monday, 24 August 2009

Primary Colors.

Loving these warm shots by Bloom Grow Love on Flickr. Might be one of my favorite Flickr finds of all time. I'm a sucker for Polaroids.


  1. Oh... they're lovely! I especially like the first and last ones. The yellow colouring work really well on the latter. There is something just so nice about polaroids. Luckily, I got a polaroid camera for about £2 in a chairty shop. Unluckily, the film costs about as much as a new camera!
    I'm glad you liked the blog award (:

  2. wow. the colours are delicious. i'm a die hard polaroid fan, i got a camera for christmas and it basically completes my life! my photos never turn out as beautiful as these though...

  3. sooo pretty! and that last photo of the yellow deck chairs should be turned into a poster and put on your wall at school. just fyi. I think that would be awesome.


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