Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Dream Rides.

Let's be real.

(Sorry, but I have no idea of the source of these two.)


  1. Woww
    These are perfecttt
    Esp love the 2nd one

  2. I love the bottom one. I've got my eye on a blue bike from Pashley - - they're a bit like this. They also do a nice pink one that I'm mildly obssessed with! x

  3. Um, this is really weird. I've recently decided to make this the year I finally learn how too ride a bike. (i know). I know I want a vintage bike and I've been looking online at ones like those you posted, as recently as last night... I love the pink one!

  4. Oh I love the top one. i tried riding a bike a few months ago. So so unco..

  5. i will be receiving a blush pink pashley poppy next month and i am over the moon with joy! xx


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