Friday, 7 August 2009

Arty Party: Chrissie Abbott.

I first discovered the works of Chrissie Abbott through It's Nice That (absolute favorite blog, I highly recommend reading it), when they were praising the design of Little Boots's cover illustration. I love the colors she uses and the way all of the images have a surreal quality to them. Particularly, I am impressed by the way she collages her images and blends the layers. Absolutely stunning work.

See more of her stuff over at her site and her blog! Ahhhhh, all of it is incredible.


  1. wow that is lovely. love the colors and the images inside images. beautiful.

  2. Man, abbott's got some cool stuff, I had heard of little boots before, but didn't know abt the rest of it! Thanks for linking it up!
    (you have a pretty awesome blog too!!)
    -Steph B

  3. These are really amazingg

  4. wow, has a pyschadelic vibe :)

  5. Wow this is totally awesome stuff. I love it. Collage is my favourite.

  6. i have this pictures on my computer, the first one was my computer background for a while...

    can i add you in my linklist? hope so...

  7. stephani - yeah, i was really excited when they posted more of her work. she is so talented!

    nat - collage is my favourite too! it's so much fun.

    julia - of course you can put me in your link list. your blog is one of my daily reads. you post the most beautiful stuff!


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