Thursday, 13 August 2009

Art for Dessert.

Mondrian cake and an artist's palate of cupcakes? Now that's my kind of dessert! Mmmmm.

First image via cinnayum.


  1. Oh! What completely great ideas.. Both great photos, and concepts! One of my favourite posts in a while (:
    Where do you find all these amazing things?
    And thanks for the really lovely comment..

  2. wow! i'm thinking i need to make that mondrian cake for an art/design-themed party at some point....

    ps - thanks for your sweet comment on my last post <3

  3. mmm! those look delicious but I would hate to ruin them by eating them!!

  4. haha that is incredible! i was looking at this book in a charity shop today that was about model cakes and one was an actual sewing box with needles and thread all made from edibles! amazing what some people can do! ox

  5. oh my gosh! that mondrian cake is literally one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I wouldn't even want to eat it, I would just look at it!


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