Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Arty Party: Keri Smith

I am going crazy over the work of Keri Smith! It was so difficult to choose what to post because her style is so diverse, and everything she makes is beautiful. Definitely check out her blog. She has so many great sets on Flickr, but I think my favorite is Fun with Stickers. It really made me smile. You can also send free e-postcards that she made via Chronicle Books.


  1. i love her too! she is amazing, i mean. how did she even came up with these!

    and you. can you please tell me a bit about yourself? you seems like a really interesting person!

  2. Like your blog =)


  3. LOVE the first one. So sweet.

  4. so cool, thanks for sharing!!

  5. Oh I love Georgia too, she's lovely! And adding color really makes things more fun. :)

    Thank you for your sweet comment, I really like your blog. And these illustrations are genius, deffinently something that inspires!


  6. You always find such interesting things to put on your blog!
    I love this. Had a look at her blog afterwards,she's very talented! I love the simmple but kooky style of her work. These two are really quite sweet.


  7. thank you all for the sweet comments!

    julia - aw, thank you. a little about me - i am 21 years old, about to enter my final year of uni. i'm studying art history and american cultural history, but i someday hope to become a graphic designer. i live in the states, but i lived in norwich, england this past year because i was studying abroad. i'd definitely love to return to europe some day!


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